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Lead Certification

Lead-Safe / Lead-Remediation

Exposure to lead is most common in buildings built before 1950.  Repainting or remodeling can disturb old lead paint primarily in commercial and residential structures built before 1978. Lead in paint, dust, soil, and water can cause lead poisoning in Children and Adults.  As Lead hazard awareness increases, Watten Painting, Inc., Inc. takes pride in being able to reduce not only the worry of their customers but the environment as well.

Watten Painting, Inc. has completed the DEP approved Lead Smart course. This enables Watten Painting, Inc. to be one of the few painting contractors in the peninsula to implement lead-safe work practices.  All painters are trained at the action level by an accredited agency. All painters are required to take blood tests and a fit test for respirators.

Watten Painting, Inc., Inc. has completed lead safe work for Stanford University and for a few residential projects.  Feel free to give us a call to discuss your lead-remediation project and how Watten Painting, Inc. can help keep your projects lead-free and in compliance.

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